Hi, I'm Anirudh Panda

Anirudh Panda
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What do I do?

I am an aspiring full stack web developer and a digital marketer aiming to make a difference.

More About Me

Hey there!👋 I am Anirudh, a 22-year-old undergrad, and I am a big fan of Web Development and Open Source. From getting annoyed with C in my first semester to going deep into Web Development it has been a great journey.

⚡️ I have a love-hate relation with JavaScript ⚡️

My Expertise
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Currently devoting myself into MERN stack and DSA using JavaScript

  • JavaScript
  • React
  • Bootstrap
  • Git/GitHub
  • C/Python
  • SEO
  • Node JS
  • Mongo Db
  • Netlify/Heroku/AWS
  • Material/Semantic UI
  • Canva/Figma

Some of my Projects

Some of my Blogs

How to make an npm package in less than 30 mins?

Introducing bookquotes-calling all the book lovers out there. BONUS: We have inspirational quotes too!

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Introducing Opentek - If it is about Open Source, it is on Opentek

We're dedicated to giving you the very best of tools, resources, and projects, with a focus on Collaboration, Code, and Networking. Runner-Up in Auth0 Hackathon

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Host your Three.js project on GitHub Pages

This is my Three.js project with Vanilla.js and I had a hard time hosting it on GitHub. After 2 days with some help from amazing developers, I finally did the hosting on GitHub pages and the motive for writing this article is there were few articles on hosting a three.js project.

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Personal VS Code+Hashnode extension (using RSS)

Visual Studio Code is full of amazing extensions that make our life simple. I was curious about how these extensions are made and published in the marketplace.

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Terminal Themed Portfolio using Winbox.js

The coder in us loves the green terminal hacking look, isn't it?

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